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Leningrad NPP-2

Short description of the Leningrad nuclear power plant (LNPP-2) under construction and the site of its energy blocks in Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad oblast’, Russia

Storage of more than 35.000 spent fuel rods from LNPP, for which there is no economically or ecologically justifiable reprocessing technology. In effect this is more than 4.000 tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste, requiring isolation from environment for more than 100 thousand years;
Alexandrov Research Institute of Nuclear Technology with several military reactors from nuclear submarines;

Open letter

I ask you with the participation of independent experts to initiate a full investigation of the facts stated in the open letter of the construction worker of Leningrad NPP-2 Victor Petrovich Aleinikov, a "veteran of nuclear energy and industry" of Russia.

Papuans on the Nuclear Field

On March 3, this year, a participant of the Leningrad AES-2 construction (this nuclear plant has to succeed the ancient 40 years old Leningrad AES-1) gave an extensive devastating press conference on this nuclear project construction in the Leningrad region. Victor Aleynikov is a professional builder with an extensive work experience at atomic plants construction sites. As he states there are so many infringements, miscalculations, frauds at the project construction that one can hardly enumerate them. It is likely that the «Ostrovets» NPP in Belarus is being constructed in the same incompetent way and the same surprises can be expected at the “Hankikivi” nuclear power plant being built by “Rosatom” in Finland. Ordinary Finns are discussing this construction project in social networks, namely in the Facebook, very violently. What is happening on the nuclear projects of “Rosatom”? Who is building them and how?

Titan-2 Group, the general contractor of the construction of Leningrad NPP-2, initiated legal process against Victor Aleynikov Russian veteran of the nuclear industry and environmental NGO Green World (GW)

Titan-2 Group, the general contractor of the construction of Leningrad NPP-2, initiated legal process against Victor Aleynikov Russian veteran of the nuclear industry and environmental NGO Green World (GW). This was reported March 26 by news agency Regnum http://regnum.ru/news/society/2105793.html. (russian)

Foreign Agent Law: Impact on Russian Envoronmental Organization

This report is written with invaluable help from Naturvernforbundet’s Russian partners. It has been a challenge to finalize the work, as new organizations have been labelled Foreign Agents constantly, and as there is a constant flow of new information, news articles and analyses regarding the Foreign Agent law, and also on the law on Undesirable Organizations. Deadline for our collection of information was set on December 2nd 2015, when our partner organization Green World was formally listed as Foreign Agent in the register of the Ministry of Justice. We express our gratitude to the Ministry of Climate and Environment as well as to the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority. Their support enables Naturvernforbundet to follow the situation around the civil society development in Russia, and help us make the information we have public.
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Leningrad NPP-2 not inaccessible to terrorists!

Five young adventurers of St. Petersburg demonstrated the possibility of entering without problem the site of Leningrad NPP-2 that is under construction. The first of the four units of the VVER-1200 and the two cooling towers of 170 m in height are planned to being use next year. Now, in the final stage of construction, terrorists might have brought in explosives that could then be used when the station will work. Such an approach by terrorists was implemented several years ago in Chechnya. Then in an explosion the president of Chechnya died.


"Leningrad NPP-2 IS DANGEROUS" – such was the evaluation of members of the press conference which took place July 15 at the Press Club "Green Light" in St. Petersburg.

Position of Non-Government Environmental Organizations Concerning the Possible Building of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant-2 (LNPP-2)

We consider it to be poor judgment under conditions of financial-economic crisis and a decline in demand for electric energy to invest huge government resources in the construction of a new nuclear power plant. Russia uses its electric energy extremely inefficiently. Measures of efficiency will allow more ecological and economic improvement than the construction of a nuclear power plant.

Why Leningrad Npp-2 (lNPP-2) Is Environmentally Hazardous

Lnpp-2 Is Sited In The Environmentally-stressed Region.

Industrial and port projects of about 20 billion Euro are developed on the 100-km shoreline of the South Coast of the Gulf of Finland (SCGF) stretching between the border with Estonia and St. Petersburg. It means that up to 200 thousand Euro will be invested into the destruction of each shoreline meter.