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The South Coast of the Gulf of Finland
Natural Values
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GREEN WORLD is a non-governmental, non-profit environmental charity organization. Green World is a member of the International Socio-Ecological Union and a member of the Coalition Clean Baltic.

GREEN WORLD (GW) is the single non-governmental, non-profit charity environmental organization in the classified nuclear zone (80 km to the west from St. Petersburg), on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea.


  • Obtaining, analysis and distribution of environmental information on nuclear safety, energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Region;
  • Involving the residents and authorities of the Region in activities for nature protection, towards production of safe energy and its effective usage;
  • Sustainable development education for children;
  • Saving marine ecosystem of the Baltic Sea, the unique nature reserves of the south coast of the Gulf of Finland;
  • Further co-operation with environmental NGOs.

The goal of GW is to merge intellectual and organizational potential of the GW members for the sake of protection of nature and all living beings; for saving and restoration of nature and mankind's cultural heritage; physical and spiritual people's health; guaranteeing energy environmental safety and sustain-able development.

GW was created on August 2, 1988 in Sosnovy Bor, St. Petersburg Region. One of the oldest nuclear power plants in the Baltic Region (Leningrad NPP) is within 6 km from our city.

GW has registered in the Department of Justice in St.-Petersburg on January 31, 1997.

Our scope of environmental problems is not only St. Petersburg, Russia, but, first of all, the Baltic-Scandinavian, regional one.

We aspire to attain a new environmental identity in the Baltic Region - the bio-regional one.

GW is giving independent, timely and detailed information on nuclear units on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland.

GW educates safe energy specialists and suggests safe energy solutions in the Northwest of Russia.

Main Objects Monitored by GW

  • The Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant in Sosnovy Bor. Its four RMBK-1000 Chernobyl-type reactors operate since 1981.
  • The storage of waste nuclear fuel in Sosnovy Bor. It is located 90 metres from the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Overloaded by 130% of its design capacity.
  • Incineration Unit For Radioactive Waste (RW)
  • Plant For Melting Metallic Radioactive Waste Ecomet-s
  • Natural Values

Lebyazhiy (Swans) Natural Reserve to the East from Sosnovy Bor. Construction of an oil terminal is planned within its area protected by the International Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.