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Today Enid Schreibman, the executive director of the Center for Safe Energy will say good buy

And we want to say thanks a lot to Enid Schreibman and colleagues From the Centre for Safe Energy (Berkeley, California, USA) for 23 years effective cooperation for the promotion of the safe energy strategy on the planet, based on the principles of Deep Ecology.
We remember and love you, in Russia!
We made a short video to tell us how we collaborated with the Centre for Safe Energy:

Documentary WASTELAND

The documentary is about the environmental consequences of the Mayak plant in the Ural Region, Russia. The Mayak facility is a secret plant intended for weapon-grade plutonium production and spent nuclear fuel reprocessing. During the 60 years of its activity dozens of thousands square kilometers of the Russian territory was contaminated with the discharge of radioactive waste and became wasteland. As a result, hundred thousands people fell victim to the Mayak activity.