Lebiazhie | Зеленый мир


Attempted murder of Alexander SENOTRUSOV – an environmentalist and politician, committed on December 29, 2011 at 14 hours and 45 minutes in the village of Lebyazh'e, Lomonosov district of St. Petersburg Region, Russia

Baltic Newsletter of Green World #118

An unknown man in a black tracksuit and a black cloth mask with slits for eyes, quietly crept into an empty place, and struck a blow to Alexander in the back of his head from behind with a baseball bat. Alexander fell to the ground and for a moment lost consciousness. The assailant managed to make about 10 blows with the bat as Alexander tried to get up. At one point the victim managed to knock the bat out of the hands of the attacker with a bag of garbage was lying beside him. After receiving an unexpected response, the assailant fled, taking the bat.