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Baltic Newsletter

Fire at Nuclear Instutute near St. Petersburg. It's time to think about the future!

A fire began during the repair of the roof of Building 102 of the Aleksandrov Research Institute of Nuclear Technology (RINT, Russian abbreviation is NITI) on May 31, 2016 at about 14:00. The building that caught on fire is a pressurized water nuclear reactor, safety-testing modes Russian nuclear submarines.

An emergency stop of the second power unit of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant

An emergency stop of the second power unit of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant took place on Friday, December 18, at 13:50. The reason for the stop and cooling of the reactor was a sudden leak of radioactive steam from a faulty pipe in one of the rooms of the turbine shop.

NGO Green World - Civil Society Watchdog on Russian Nuclear Industry is Included in the List of "Foreign Agents"

On November 16th 2015, at 13:15 in the nuclear town Sosnovyj Bor on the Baltic Sea coast, 40 km from the St. Petersburg, representatives of the Leningrad Region Department of the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation handed the environmental Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Green World (GW) an Act on the results of an unscheduled on-site inspection of the organization.

Legislators of Nordwest Russia Prepare for Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants

Baltic Newsletter #125

The Committee of Ecology of the Parliamentary Association of the Northwest of Russia
approved at its meeting in St. Petersburg on November 2, 2015 the composition of its Working Group to prepare proposals for the consideration of interests of regions impacted by decommissioning of nuclear power plants.

Deputies of Northwest Russia are Included in the Planning of the Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants

Baltic newsletter # 124

On March 19 in St. Petersburg, the Standing Committee on Ecology of the Parliamentary Association of the Northwest of Russia held a regular meeting of the heads of environmental committees (commissions) of legislative bodies of the Northwest of Russia.

Leningrad NPP-2 not inaccessible to terrorists!

Five young adventurers of St. Petersburg demonstrated the possibility of entering without problem the site of Leningrad NPP-2 that is under construction. The first of the four units of the VVER-1200 and the two cooling towers of 170 m in height are planned to being use next year. Now, in the final stage of construction, terrorists might have brought in explosives that could then be used when the station will work. Such an approach by terrorists was implemented several years ago in Chechnya. Then in an explosion the president of Chechnya died.

The Lessons of Fukushima For French & Russian Power Plants

Baltic Newsletter of Green World #120 oktober 11, 2012

All 58 French nuclear reactors of the 19 French nuclear power plants do not meet post-Fukushima safety requirements. This basic conclusion of stress tests of French nuclear power plants by the European Union (EU) was published October 1 in the French newspaper Le Monde.

Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons for Europe Must not Violate Human Rights and the Environmental Security of Russia!

Baltic Newsletter July 20 2012, #119

This thesis has become one of the topics of discussion during the recent (June 29) meeting of Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State, with representatives of civil society in St. Petersburg. Oleg Bodrov, leader of Green World, noted that the import into Russia of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from Europe is in accordance with the Russian-American agreement on nuclear non-proliferation.

Attempted murder of Alexander SENOTRUSOV – an environmentalist and politician, committed on December 29, 2011 at 14 hours and 45 minutes in the village of Lebyazh'e, Lomonosov district of St. Petersburg Region, Russia

Baltic Newsletter of Green World #118

An unknown man in a black tracksuit and a black cloth mask with slits for eyes, quietly crept into an empty place, and struck a blow to Alexander in the back of his head from behind with a baseball bat. Alexander fell to the ground and for a moment lost consciousness. The assailant managed to make about 10 blows with the bat as Alexander tried to get up. At one point the victim managed to knock the bat out of the hands of the attacker with a bag of garbage was lying beside him. After receiving an unexpected response, the assailant fled, taking the bat.

Court Against Nuclear Safety Petersburg and Baltic Region

Baltic Newsletter # 117

The Basmanny Court of Moscow has refused to consider a complaint of the physicist and ecologist Oleg Bodrov to Russian State Nuclear Regulatory Body - Rostekhnadzor (RTN), in which the applicant challenged the legality and safety solutions to extend the operation of the fourth unit of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant (LNPP) with its RBMK-1000 reactor. Issued on December 26, 2010, the RTN license extends the operational life of LNPP from 30 to 45 years! That is the world's oldest nuclear power plants with reactors of the Chernobyl series of plans to operate until 2026.